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32 in human years. I love a world of spellbinding things, particularly Harry Potter, Glee, StarKid, Doctor Who & One Direction. If it occupies space in my head & time in my heart you'll probably find it here all smooshed up together. No regrets, just love.

First of all, I don’t like to keep it slick. That’s all the show. I feel terrible for the hairdressers on Glee that have to pour gallons and gallons of gel and goblin’s blood or whatever the hell else they’re getting from the black market to tame my curly hair. Day to day, I stay away from combs. If your hair is going a certain way, follow it—the best thing you can do is accent what you already have. I don’t think I’ve combed my hair in 15 years.

—Do you have any advice for guys with curly hair? How do you keep it slick? (Details.com)

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